Stefan Weinstock, Geschäftsführer IDEAL Fensterbau

“The new processing centre makes an entire series of manual processing steps unnecessary.”

Stefan Weinstock, managing director at IDEAL Fensterbau

Schirmer Profile Processing for IDEAL Fensterbau

Manual post-processing was reduced, and the production capacity was increased by 35 percent. Tool breakage monitoring was integrated, and downtimes reduced. A cross conveyor was installed, and production bottlenecks were reduced. Two milling stations were realised to safely comply with cycle times. Automated tool changing guarantees the highest flexibility. Thorough preparation allowed for quick commissioning.


Four processing motors are positioned on two C-shaped rails. The tools move around the profile on circular tracks and are moved into the proper position via the shortest paths. 


The contour milling station with an automated tool changer makes it possible to process the front side of frame, casement and lattice profiles. For example, seal back-cutting and transom contour milling can be performed.


Generally the system is operated by only one employee who occasionally receives support from a colleague. That results in a gain in production by up to 30 percent. 


Successful on the market since 1990: IDEAL Fensterbau employees about 320 skilled employees at its locations in Wittlich-Wengerohr and Traben-Trarbach. It produces around 6,500 windows and doors according to customers’ wishes and with millimetre precision every week.


IDEAL Fensterbau relies on consistent automation. Laborious manual post-processing of the profile bars should be a thing of the past in order to increase processing capacity, no matter whether the material is plastic, wood or a composite.

What sets this project apart? 

IDEAL Fensterbau relies on a BAZ 1000-Orbit 8/VU: Setup times on tensioners and supports are no longer required, and processing can be carried out extremely flexibly. That is important for modern window systems with requirements that constantly increase, for example, the integration of mechatronic components.

Result & Success

Schirmer has increased the level of automation. Milling out central supports and post connections took place on a special work table for a long time at IDEAL Fensterbau. Now this detailed work is carried out in one go and without any manual drilling processes for safety-relevant components, such as fall protection elements.




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