Tobias Voigt, managing director

“Professionalism and quick response times are key characteristics of our collaboration with Schirmer.”

Tobias Voigt, managing director

Schirmer Profile Processing for Fenstertechnik brand

We optimally used limited room capacities and increased the level of automation. The customer was fully equipped for maximum flexibility. We maximised processing speed and integrated new tool technologies. Detailed scheduling enabled commissioning with no production stops. 

Optimum hall usage

Optimally exploit scarce spatial capacity so not a single metre of space is wasted. 


Two upstream processing modules give the system the greatest performance capacities.  

Tool innovation

For the special adhesive technology, we worked together closely with a third party to develop a new and innovative tool that was integrated into the processing centre. 


Top quality since 1996: Fenstertechnik brand is one of the most modern window and door factories in all of Europe. Fenstertechnik brand is a market leader in the field of innovative adhesive technology. Its production is located in Creuzburg-Ifta, and Fenstertechnik brand has managed a display centre in Borchen since 2016. In total, the company has 200 employees at the moment. 


The core issue: Two old systems were replaced by a new one, and speed and efficacy were maximised in the process. Further individual requirements relating to a new, special adhesive technology, extremely limited room capacities and integration and commissioning during ongoing operations posed additional challenges. 

What sets this project apart? 

With the Tandem Ultra, Fenstertechnik brand has one of the fastest profile processing lines in all of Germany! The fully-equipped BAZ 100/VU is part of the Tandem line: The two upstream processing modules maximise the speed. Additionally, a tool developed specially for the adhesive technology was integrated into the system and customised to fit the hall’s capacity. 

Result and success

Brand Fenstertechnik relies on innovative adhesive technology, and Schirmer has developed the proper solution. The high-performing BAZ-100/VU from the Tandem line allows Fenstertechnik brand. to take a large step towards becoming the market leader. Optimum exploitation of the hall capacity and high performance capabilities make the system one of the fastest in all of Germany. With a total of four plants, Fenstertechnik brand now uses many more solutions from Schirmer.




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