Profile processing lines PVC and composites

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Profile processing lines for PVC and composites

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Automated like only Schirmer can

Machines for automatically processing profiles made of PVC

Schirmer’s profile processing lines for PVC and PVC composites have modular structures. The cutting and processing centre BAZ 1000 forms their core. The tool and motor equipment is optimised for processing PVC and composites and will fulfil your specific production requirements. The same thing applies to the level of automation: Schirmer delivers high quality throughout the entire spectrum and specialises in innovative, high-end solutions. One or more rod processing centres, a steel centre and a fully automatic sorter can be combined with the BAZ 1000. The result is custom profile processing lines that can simply accomplish more.

Roland Vogt
Roland Vogt

Member of the Executive Board

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Michael edenfeld
Michael Edenfeld

Head of sales

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Maximilian Wiese, Employee commissioning

“Commissioning concerns not only machine construction but also processes that function well. Together with our colleagues at Beckhoff, we ensure that the system functions as well as we promised our customer!”

Maximilian Wiese, commissioning employee

BAZ 1000 cutting and processing centres

Schirmer’s BAZ 1000 makes it possible to machine profiles using the through-feed method. It shows everything we can do: Transport grippers with extremely dynamic linear motors precisely position the profile rod. Profiles are transported quickly and gently from one processing module to the next! All processing steps are designed customer-specifically and meet your needs in every detail – up to and including demanding contour processing. 

Basic equipment BAZ




The basic configuration at a glance:

  • Feed magazine for inserting profile rods
  • Modules for milling and drilling work
  • Sawing units
  • Belt conveyor for transporting away finished profile rods
  • Label printer
  • Height measurement for profile tolerance compensation

Other options that are available:

  • Contour and seal milling station
  • Mitre cut milling
  • Seal milling
  • Seal punching
  • Automatic labeller
  • Length measurement with optimisation
  • Overall depth measurement for tolerance compensation

And much more

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Schirmer’s BAZ 1000 cutting and processing centres can be delivered as Basic lines, Medium lines or Tandem lines. Whether you do business in the skilled trades and crafts, the industry, a manufactory or at a large company, Schirmer has the right solution for window and door construction and many more sectors. We are ready for everything professional profile processing needs to deliver today and everything tomorrow will bring. 


Continuous processing with two transport grippers. Profiles are processed in succession, rod by rod. Especially compact construction for short processing paths. Greatest precision at good performance capabilities.


Continuous processing with three transport grippers. While one profile rod is being processed in the machine, another can be fed in. Greatest precision at high performance capabilities.


Continuous processing with four transport grippers and a transition area.
Two profile rods are processed at the same time independently of each other. High-end automation for top precision and the best performance

Rod machining centres - SBZ

With a robust construction that minimises vibrations and maximises quality, Schirmer’s rod machining centres are ideal for processing PVC profiles with steel reinforcement or steel stiffeners. Profiles are processed using the through-feed method, and metal fittings are applied to the profiles especially gently, precisely and reliably. The profile rod is positioned quickly and precisely by transport grippers featuring extremely dynamic linear motors. Flexible interaction with the cutting and processing centre BAZ 1000 is guaranteed. They are connected via a fully automated lateral transport module.

Type SBZ

The rod machining centre of the type SBZ is designed for processing plastic profiles that are reinforced with steel. An incredibly large range of machining processes can be realised on a customer-specific basis: Screwing, CNC-drilling, dowel drilling, groove milling and locking part placement stations. Dowel drillings can even be made through steel!


The particularly robust sorters from Schirmer are combined with the cutting and rod processing centres in production. They have three NC-controlled axes. Servo engines produce their drive. The automated sorters work in sync with the profile processing line. Processed profiles are automatically and systematically placed in harp racks so that all profiles are ready for removal in an ordered sequence.


Multicut Composite

The automatic cutting machine Multicut Composite from Schirmer was designed especially for cutting special profiles with a wide range of cross-sections. In the basic configuration, one highly flexible sawing unit can be used to process vastly different profile geometries. 

Multicut Composite

The basic equipment at a glance:

  • Automatic feed magazine
  • Transport gripper with linear drive for positioning
  • Profile clamping technology with CNC positioning in the x-axis
  • Conveyor belt for transporting away profile waste from the sawing area
  • Sawing unit, swivel range from 45° to 135°
  • Noise absorption hood
  • Beckhoff PC control (TwinCat) with remote maintenance
  • Belt conveyor for transporting away processed profiles
  • Protective partition (protective fence)


  • Automatic label printer
  • Extraction system
  • Software for optimising remaining pieces

Also available:

  • The Multicut (Composite) can be expanded into a flexible processing centre for special profiles and special constructions



Roland Vogt
Roland Vogt

Member of the Executive Board

Telephone: +49 (0) 5246 9213 13

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Michael edenfeld
Michael Edenfeld

Head of sales

Telephone: +49 (0) 5246 9213 15

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