"We were convinced by the quality and robustness of the machine! In addition, Schirmer offers a professional all-round service"

Manfred Merschmann, Managing Director Merschmann

Schirmer profile machining for Merschmann

New production concept developed and implemented in a future-proof manner. Highly efficient plant technology combined with individual solutions. Parallel processing made possible, thus saving time and costs. Processing stations for wooden window design without visible mitres. Fully automatic steel insertion for maximum efficiency. In short: Everything for a vinyl window production that is unparalleled in Europe.

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The fully automated machining centre is equipped with an automatic steel infeed, an automatic clamping part setting station and a sorting robot.


Modular concepts: All process steps were thoughtfully coordinated in close cooperation. Profile machining, welding, fettling, assembly, shipping - including software solution.


Solutions from Merschmann are partly individually equipped. Plastic windows, front doors, roller shutters, sun protection products, canopies and garage doors are manufactured.


The combination of qualitative manual work and high-quality production facilities characterises the development of the Delbrück-based family company Merschmann. Adapted to customer-specific wishes, 90 employees realise tailor-made products.


Merschmann relies on highly efficient plant technology for customised windows and doors. All components were to run over the automated production line - both special profiles and coupling profiles as well as door elements with floor thresholds. Meticulous pre-planning was required.

Special features

Three buffer stations were integrated to ensure a continuous flow of material. The transfer from the machining center to the welding, fettling, stop and assembly area was planned in close cooperation with another machine supplier.

Result & Success

Merschmann invested massively in the expansion of its production and Schirmer became the partner for high-performance solutions that are highly automated and future-proof. The market position for special components should also be significantly improved and Schirmer has contributed to this: The entire production process runs fully automatically except for a few manual operations.




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