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Welcome to Schirmer Maschinen GmbH

We are able to provide you with customized, high-performance systems for machining profiles made from various materials for use in windows, doors, façades, automotive and solar technology, all of which comes under the heading of ‘profile processing technology’. 

The experience that we have gained in more than 30-years working in this sector has shown us that company-specific requirements always need customized automated solutions. This is the reason why we developed our modular design approach for our machines. Our MODULAR plus concept gives you the option to assemble a production plant from open modular units that meets all of your requirements. The module’s flexible design makes them ideally suitable for use in modular systems that can cope with any capacity and can be installed in any production area. Both single machines as well as complete production lines can be realized and these can also be easily adapted to meet any new future requirements so that they comply with your concepts or plans.

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